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What we are doing to slow the spread of


6/1/2021 - Update

  • We have reopened and are allowing the rental of all items.

  • Although all our employees have been fully vaccinated we will still require our staff to wear masks. 

  • Masks are optional for the customers but we ask you still wear one if you are not fully vaccinated.

  •  These guidelines are in effect to keep our staff and customers safe.

3/10/2021 - Update

  • We are reopening and allowing the rental of select items.

  • All deliveries will require both the customer and staff to wear masks and maintain 6 feet distance. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in an immediate cancelation and the customer will not receive a refund for the deposit. These guidelines are in effect to keep our staff and customers safe.

3/28/2020 - Update

  •  All events up till May 14 have been canceled and customers have received complete refunds or have been given credits. Please allow 1-2 business days for the refund to process.    

  • Phone and Email lines are still open and customers can still contact us via email at or phone +1 (310) 452-7283.

  • If you have any outstanding payments we ask that you please pay them to help support everyone at Budget Party Rentals. 


3/19/2020 - Update

  • Budget Party Rentals is taking steps to keep our customers and staff safe by limiting face-to-face contact. All delivery employees will avoid unneeded face to face contact.

  • We are stopping physical payments and paper copies of invoices during delivery to avoid the spread of COVID-19. All payments must be done online before delivery.    

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